The Light of Egypt, Volume II, predicts an evolutionary revelation

From the preface to Volume II of The Light of Egypt (1900)

God is present in all ages and races, manifesting His love and wisdom throughout infinite creations, and that He records, in His own way, the most detailed record of any event which takes place, thus giving to man a complete history of His works and will, for man’s enlightenment, so that he, too, may cooperate intelligently with the God in every way that intelligence wills to manifest. Prehistoric history is not blotted out from Nature’s laboratory. The Astral Book of Karmic evolution will one day reveal its hidden treasures to mankind as the recording angels give up those gems of truth they have so jealously guarded for untold cycles of time, simply because the time was not ripe for its divulgence.

There is a time for everything, and when that time arrives all past history of our planet’s evolution will be written in an intelligent manner for the illumination and education of man as the masterpiece of the Living God. In this way man will worship Deity and perfect his God-nature, even to Angel-hood.

The second volume of The Light of Egypt was presented, and has been understood, as the product of a channeling process by Belle Wagner contacting the spirit of Thomas H. Burgoyne after his death.  This led me to assume that its literary and intellectual qualities would have deteriorated in the second volume, but such is not the case.  Volume II is actually better written and more appealing than the 1889 edition, and one of the keynotes of the Astro-Philosophical Publishing authors was a pro-science, pro-technology enthusiasm about the future that Henry Wagner in particular expressed repeatedly.  Some of their hopes of “unlocking the secrets of evolution” have indeed been fulfilled in the human genome project.