Book II of The Light of Egypt

The 1900 edition of The Light of Egypt included a new Volume II, and “Zanoni” of the 1889 edition was identified as T.H. Burgoyne, who had passed to the subjective plane, from which he dictated the new volume to Belle Wagner, his successor as Secretary of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.  In earlier blog posts I have explained reasons for skepticism about Burgoyne’s reported death in 1894.  Still, I had always assumed that the second volume of The Light of Egypt consisted of his manuscripts edited by Wagner.  There are however other possibilities, one of which is that it is largely the work of Genevieve Stebbins.  In the publisher’s preface, Henry Wagner wrote:

“The Tablets of Aeth” is a great and mighty work, as it contains the very quintessence of Occult and Hermetic philosophy, as revealed by spiritual law. “Penetralia” is a new revelation, and invaluable to Occult students, as it is the personal experience of a developed soul.

To all lovers of Truth we respectfully recommend this Book of Books, at is has justly been called by many who are competent to criticize its teachings….

“Book of books from my incompetent perspective suggests that instead of having a single author, The Light of Egypt, more so in 1900 than in 1889, is a compilation of the work of several.  The Tablets of Aeth have a very different “voice” than Burgoyne’s in the 1889 edition.  Its introduction is among the more haunting passages in HBofL literature:

Accept it then, even as it is given unto you.  My friends and brethren, accept it as Zanoni’s last work on earth—his legacy to you, and may the spirit of the All-Father-Mother, the ineffable spirit of Life, Light, and Love, – the Unknowable, whom men call God, rest upon you and be with you now and forever.