HOTA Book Series Statistics

Publishers get data about number of books sold by date, sorted only by country, so you can never be sure who might be buying them. But the big jump this year suggests that readers of this blog have been supporting the History of the Adepts book series, and I thank you. Here is a brief report:

256 books sold as of 10/31.  Only 62 from 2018 through 2020, 78 books in 2021, 116 so far in 2022.  This reflects the fact that there are now five paperbacks and five hardcovers whereas in 2018 and 2019 there was just one paperback, and in 2020 just two. Sales by author: Grimke 83, Johnson 72, Wilder 60, Chintamon 22, Astley 19.  (Chintamon and Astley were just added in recent months and may equal the others in time.) Although these are small sales numbers compared to trade publications, their Amazon rankings are higher than related academic press titles about the same subject matter. The blog continues to attract about 600  hits per month, whereas the related academia page receives that many per year. Royalties to date of $229.91 have been under $1 per sale, due to the minimum pricing.