New book series: History of the Adepts

Major changes in the publishing landscape this fall have resulted in a lot of new publications and formats on Amazon/Kindle. The Sarah Stanley Grimke Collected Works, originally published as public domain in 2019 in paperback, is now out of print in that format and available as a hardcover and ebook copyrighted by Patrick D. Bowen and myself with more original content. Newly in print in paperback for the first time is Hurrychund Chintamon’s Commentary on the Text of the Bhagavad-Gita, published prior to his involvement in the origins of the Theosophical Society, Arya Samaj, and Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor and hence not part of the series. I have also created a hardcover of this book. The 2018 second volume of Letters to the Sage in paperback, and both hardcover and paperback editions of its condensation as Letters to Thomas Moore Johnson by Alexander Wilder, are part of the series. My own Pell Mell is listed as a related title, prequel to the series, since it deals mainly with the 1860s-70s whereas the series titles focus on the 1880s and 1890s. As for the twentieth century Brotherhood, I will be issuing The Quest of the Spirit, edited by Genevieve Stebbins and authored by “A Pilgrim of the Way” in 1913, in serial installments here as blog posts in 2022 rather than in book format.

Otherwise, there is so much happening with living authors, younger authors, that my 2022 blog posts will feature them rather than any of the defunct 19thc authors heretofore featured, but the Astleys in the 20thc and their influence on Elbert and Elizabeth Benjamine will also be a theme in 2022.