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First Sagittarius Decanate: Bronson and Louisa May Alcott

From The Last Eighteen Decanates Analyzed:

SAGITTARIUS—1st Decanate. The Harp of Seven Strings—LYRA—such a harp as David played upon to soothe the spirit of King Saul, pictures the Jupiter decanate of Sagittarius. The constellated instrument portrays the soul which places itself “In Tune with the Infinite,” and becomes responsive to the thoughts radiated by the Cosmic Mind.

Those born under this influence, when true to themselves, are the most religious of all and are capable of attaining Cosmic Consciousness. But their religion need not be tinctured with orthodoxy, and is often most expressed through their kinship with Nature and their love and sympathy for all living creatures. They live at their best, and accomplish most, when they constantly feel the abiding presence of the Cosmic Intelligence and place implicit trust in Its guidance. They then feel impressed to fill a definite mission, and if they follow the dictates of the “Inner Voice” they seldom err in judgment. But either in matters of spiritual progress or in mere worldly affairs, they must rely upon their own judgment, for when they take the advice of others they most signally fail.

Comment by KPJ: Bronson and Louisa share the same birthday, November 29, 1799 and 1832 respectively. They died two days apart in 1888.

William Blake, poet and painter, author of Books of Prophecy and designer of illustrations to The Book of Job, was born with his Individuality here. Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace, whose research led him independently to the theory of evolution so ably expounded by Darwin, and who was famous as a naturalist, and who embraced the cause of spiritualism in spite of the ridicule of his contemporary scientists, was born with his Mentality in this decanate. And Abraham Lincoln, man of destiny, deeply religious and the instrument through whom human slavery was abolished in America, was born with his Personality under this section of the sky. It is the decanate of DEVOTION.