Archibald Grimke, Third Leo Decanate

This news story from the summer of 1898 preceded the death of Sarah Stanley Grimke by only a few weeks.

from the First Eighteen Decanates Analyzed:

LEO—3rd Decanate. CORVUS, the Raven, is the constellation picturing the tendencies of people born under the third decanate of Leo. This raven is pictured with wings outspread as if in readiness to fly aloft, but with its feet firmly gripping the back of Hydra, the water serpent. This symbolizes the emotions that are associated with creative energy, for the raven appears to be making a meal from the flesh of the serpent.

In this last portion of Leo we have the love of power and rulership combined with the quality of leadership bestowed by Aries. As a consequence those born under this section of the sky are determined to rise in life regardless of obstacles. And when this tendency is carried to extremes they will sacrifice their associates, their family, and even integrity itself, in order to increase their power. But when their ideals are thoroughly for the welfare of humanity rather than for mere personal aggrandizement, they become of immense service to society through their natural gift of being able to handle others and use them to advantage.

Napoleon I, who attempted to conquer the world by arms, was born with the Sun in this decanate. Dr. Zamenhof, who invented a language, Esperanto, which was to supersede all other languages in the world, had his Moon in this section of the heavens. And Alan Leo, who attempted to give to astrology a world-wide recognition and power, was born with his Ascendant here. It is the decanate of AMBITION.