Sarah Beck Anderson

Capitol Hill, Denver

Church of Light historical sources identify 1909 as the date of Elbert Benjamine’s recruitment by the leadership of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, and the Denver home of Mrs. Anderson as the location of the meeting at which this occurred. Her address was 1432 Grant St., now a parking lot but directly facing the east side of the Colorado State Capitol.

The 1910 census finds George Gray Anderson and his wife Sarah Beck Anderson, both 51, living with daughters Sarah and Helen, son Robert, Sarah’s mother Lorenzie Beck, and a servant named Shoff in a home just three blocks away from what is now the Molly Brown House Museum.

New Age Enclyclopedia, Gordon Melton, Editor, Gale Research, 1990, p. 51

The couple at whose home Elbert was recruited to the Brotherhood moved to Los Angeles around the same time he began private classes there.

The Andersons prepare to move to a new home in LA as reported December 19, 1914
George Gray Anderson’s Entry in Who’s Who of the Pacific Coast, 1913

The 1930 census finds Sarah living with her three children and granddaughter Helen Richmond at 269 South Rockingham Avenue in Brentwood Park in a home valued at $35,000. She died here in 1941 so had been in Los Angeles for the first twenty five years of Elbert’s work in California. Stay tuned for further investigations.

Anderson gravesite in Denver’s Fairmount Cemetery