In Search of Zanoni

This presentation was condensed from a talk to the biennial conference of The Church of Light in June 2019 in Albuquerque. It was included the following October as a presentation in absentia to the International Theosophical History Conference in Athens, Greece. In November, it was included as part of my in person talk at the Thomas Moore Johnson centenary symposium at Missouri State University in Springfield. Plans were for both of these conferences to be posted online in full with video of all presentations, and if either materializes I will report it here and share a link. Meanwhile, here is my own small portion.

Just a week after discovering that a Google account allowed automatic creation of a youtube account, I was informed by that they now hosted videos of scholarly presentations. This academic platform is more appropriate to my scholarly research than the popular-oriented Youtube and the technical quality of the uploads is better in my experience. Registration is required but is free and there is a great wealth of reliable information on academia from scholars around the globe.