Thomas H. Burgoyne Natal Chart Report Sections Five through Seven

 5. Chart Topology

Planets East and West

With most of your planets on the East side of your chart, you tend to impress the environment with your personality and personal prowess. That is, the virility of a planet to impress the qualities it rules upon environment is pronounced when the planet is on the east side of the chart. Thus, you tend to mold (rather than being molded by) circumstances.

Planets Above and Below the Horizon

The line formed by the Ascendant and Descendant (opposite the Ascendant) divide the astrological chart in half, where planets and houses above the line are above the horizon and vice versa. The higher, or more elevated, a planet in the chart, the more publicity it gets. Planets below the horizon are more private and relate to activities in the life that are generally hidden from public view.

The planets in your chart are primarily below the horizon, and are related generally to private and personal matters that get little public attention.

 6. Indicators of General Temperament and Disposition

The following analysis shows the distribution of the planets among the various elements and qualities of the zodiacal signs, which provides excellent indicators of general temperament and disposition.

(In the analysis below, note that the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury and the Dominant Planet carry more weight in a sign, triplicity or quadruplicity than the other planets and may override a ranking by astrodynes.)

Distribution of Your Planets Among the Triplicities (Elements): Fire, Earth, Air and Water Signs

ElementSignPlanets in SignElement
Fire signs:  AriesSun, Mars234.11
Earth signs:  TaurusVenus, Uranus, Pluto166.04
Air signs:  GeminiSaturn116.98
Water signs:  PiscesMoon, Mercury, Neptune, Asc299.58

The distribution of planets in your chart among the four elements is mostly Water (Moon, Dominant Planet, Mercury, Asc, 1 other Planet) with some Fire (Sun, 1 other Planet, MC) but very little Earth (3 Planets) or Air (2 Planets). The lives of people with lots of Water are largely centered in the home and the affections. You are sympathetic, timid, dreamy, submissive, given to domestic life, receptive, yielding, mediumistic, and greatly influenced by your surroundings. In the sense that you are chiefly actuated by your feelings, rather than by carefully reasoned lines of conduct, your characteristic quality is EMOTION. With very little Earth or Air, try to cultivate a more practical attitude and try to cultivate an increased interest in mental activities and intellectual ideas.

Distribution of Your Planets Among the Quadruplicities or Qualities: Movable (Cardinal), Fixed and Mutable Signs

The zodiacal signs fall into three types: Movable (Cardinal), Mutable and Fixed. The three types are known as the Quadruplicities (there are four signs in each type) or the Qualities. (See appendix.) The distribution of the planets in your chart among the three types determines your level of adaptability, and is a key determinant of temperament.

QualitySignPlanets in SignQuality
Movable signs:AriesSun, Mars218.13
Fixed signs:TaurusVenus, Uranus, Pluto195.04
Mutable signs:GeminiSaturn403.54
PiscesMoon, Mercury, Neptune, Asc

The distribution of planets in your chart among the three Qualities shows lots of Mutable sign power (Moon, Dominant Planet, Mercury, Asc, 2 other Planets, MC) but also with some Fixed (4 Planets) and Movable (Sun, 1 other Planet) sign power. Many planets in Mutable signs indicates power to adapt to whatever environment is present. The Mutable signs are a happy medium between the excessive activity of the Movable (cardinal) signs and the stubborn resistance of the Fixed signs. You’re not a trail-blazer, but rather a trail-builder. Mutable people are the most adaptable of all. They are the DEVELOPERS. But you also have some of the qualities of the Fixed and Movable signs such as determination and initiative.

 7. Personal – Companionship – Public

The Houses, or departments of life, are naturally grouped into three categories or domains: Personal, Companionship and Public. This is a good indicator of where your interests, desires and energy naturally incline. This can be especially helpful in analyzing close personal relationships like marriage, where partners interests are largely focused in different domains, e. g., public or personal vs companionship. Cultural gender differences can also ameliorate or exacerbate diverging interests and desires.

Personal549.6469.6027LotsSun, Moon, Dominant Planet, Mercury, Asc, 7 other Planets, 7 astrodyne points
Companionship134.9010.222LittleOrNoneNo Planets, 2 astrodyne points
Public132.169.083LittleOrNoneMC2 astrodyne points
Departments of Life

The distribution of planets in your chart among the three Societies shows that most of your energy, thought and activity involve the Personal houses (departments of life). The Personal houses (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 12th) map feelings and desires that relate to the private life including personal and health matters, personal wealth and possessions, personal interests, siblings and personal restrictions and disappointments. Little planetary power in the Public or Companionship departments of life indicates less interest in activities that are widely known or the strength of the desires to associate with others through home, children, work and partnership.