Sarah S. Grimke/Thomas H. Burgoyne Synastry

Since we do not have birth times for Sarah’s family members, a more reliable synastry chart for her is with her literary collaborator Thomas H. Burgoyne. Because the Brotherhood of Light Lessons are the sole source of the information about her co-authorship of The Light of Egypt, I am closing this series of Horoscope 2020 reports on Sarah with a synastry chart comparing her chart to Burgoyne’s. He will be the focus of the next twelve months of reports, starting with his own natal chart analysis and proceeding to synastry with relevant others, as well as reviews of his progressions and transits during crucial periods of his life. Below the synastry chart is a grid showing the chart contacts under one degree of orb.

Inner wheel Grimke, outer wheel Burgoyne

As background for an upcoming twelve month series on Norman and Genevieve Astley, I have uploaded to my academia page (free access) the chapters of Letters to the Sage consisting of letters from Burgoyne and Johnson at