Archibald Henry Grimke Key Chart Points and Decanates

Because no birth time information is available for Archibald and Angelina, I have created natal charts for noon of their birth dates, which can be used for synastry with Sarah’s chart which does have correct birth time. Of the reports provided by Horoscope 2020, the most relevant when we lack accurate house information is found in section three, excerpted below from Archibald’s chart report. Added are the sections of the Decanates report on the Sun and Moon.

 3. Your Key Chart Points and General Characteristics

Your character and temperament are a composite of the following key chart points:

Your Sun (Sun sign) and your Moon (Moon sign) are both in Leo. The Sun is also your Dominant Planet.

You are a double Leo, having both your Sun and Moon in that zodiacal sign indicating that your character and temperament strongly reflect the characteristics of this sign.

Your Sun is in Leo and is pictured in the sky by a Lion, the king of the beasts. The Lion is noted for its courage and is especially caring of its offspring. Just like the lion, you likely aspire to positions of authority, are courageous and are fond of your children, defending them regardless of the cost. While your roar can be mighty, frequently it disguises a soft, kind inner-nature. The dominant idea for Leo is I WILL.

Your core identity belongs to the element of Fire (enthusiasm) and is likely associated with great determination to rise in life while striving to rule through strength and stability rather than through alertness and activity like one of the other fire signs, Aries. As a fixed sign, you have an interest in making things better. While you act from your own feelings and ideas you temper them with consideration of what others feel, think and advise.

Your ideas tend to be large and majestic, despising petty effort. In striving to reach higher states there can be a tendency to overreach. You tend to be impulsive, passionate, daring, dominating, ambitious, and resolute while possessing unbending dignity. Your actions likely spring from the emotions rather than from the intellect. You are sympathetic, warmhearted, candid, forceful, and fond of honors and high office. Unlike Aries people, when aroused emotionally you do not count the cost.

The Leo person has great faith and trust in other people who usually respond to your faith by endeavoring to live up to your expectations. You tend not to demand of subordinates that which is impossible. You can be entertaining. Your best quality is KINDNESS. Your worst quality is DOMINATION. You have a great thirst for personal glory and crave a position of authority. You are much better at deputizing work than at taking orders from others. You may be inclined to think you deserve a greater position of importance than you have earned. Consider that kindness is best expressed through work rather than through issuing orders, and that the highest glory obtains to those who serve best.

The Sun is the most powerful planet in your chart and somewhat harmonious indicating that thoughts and events relating to significance and self-esteem are important and, to the extent they are reinforced, will aid you in being successful.

The Moon

Having your Moon also in Leo brings some fire and enthusiasm to the domestic life and everyday affairs. Leo relates to love of children as does the Moon. The person with a Leo Moon will seek to inspire others in the domestic environment. You may have a flair for dramatics and an unconscious need to be admired and appreciated. Look to gain esteem through kindness rather than through display and domination.

The Moon is of average power in your chart but slightly discordant indicating that thoughts and events relating to timing, tune, sublimity, philoprogenitiveness and general domestic affairs are important in the life. Reinforce harmonious thoughts relating to care and nurturing of the young and aggressive thoughts of protecting the weak and needy, and strive to express the best quality of Leo.

Your Dominant Planet is the Sun.

With the Sun as your dominant planet, you rarely work for others to advantage, unless you are given full charge of your department. You are in your natural sphere of endeavor when you have received a position of importance. You are always at your best when at the head of something. Your best quality is RULERSHIP. Your worst quality is DICTATIVENESS. It is often important for you to realize that undue assumption of superiority really weakens your authority and that consideration of the opinions of others and sympathy with their views will tend toward getting better service. The thoughts ruled by this Sun are called the POWER thoughts.

Your Dominant Sun resides in the zodiacal sign Leo, which is described above.

Mercury: Habitual Modes of Speech and Communication

The zodiacal sign in which Mercury resides indicates the habitual mode of speech and communication via letters, email, and social media.

Your Mercury resides in the zodiacal sign Leo. With the Intellectual thought cells, governing cerebral processes, perception, comparison and communication, expressing from the “I Will” attitude of Leo, the speech can be kind and sympathetic or domineering. The best quality of Leo is kindness, and its worst quality is domination.

Mercury is powerful in your chart but neutral with regard to harmony indicating that thoughts and events relating to conscious mental activity, manner of speech, writing, general social communication and mobility are important and, to the extent they are reinforced with constructive thinking and actions, will be an important factor in being successful.

 4. Key Decanates – Overarching Character and Destiny

Each sign of the zodiac is divided into three sections called Decanates. Each decanate is pictured in the sky by one of the original 36 ultra-zodiacal constellations. The pictograph associated by the ancients with each of these constellations illustrates a spiritual parable or allegory that has special significance to those born with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in that decanate.

Your Sun is in the 3rd decanate of Leo, the Leo-Aries decanate under the sub-rulership of Mars. CORVUS, the Raven, is the constellation picturing the tendencies of people born under the third decanate of Leo. This raven is pictured with wings outspread as if in readiness to fly aloft, but it’s feet firmly grip the back of Hydra, the water-serpent. This symbolizes the emotions that are associated with creative energy, for the raven appears to be making a meal of the flesh of the serpent.

In this last portion of Leo, we have the love of power and rulership combined with the quality of leadership bestowed by Aries. Therefore, those born under this section of the sky are determined to rise in life regardless of the obstacles. When this tendency is carried to extremes they will sacrifice their associates, their family, and even integrity itself, to increase their power. But when their ideals are thoroughly for the welfare of humanity rather than for mere personal aggrandizement, they become of immense service to society through their natural gift of being able to handle others and use them to advantage. It is the decanate of AMBITION.

Your Moon is in the 2nd decanate of Leo, the Leo-Sagittarius decanate under the sub-rulership of Jupiter. In the second, or Jupiter, decanate of Leo, the inherent quality of dominant control characteristic of Leo, is modified by the sub-influence of the sign of the higher mind, Sagittarius. The philosophical and religious elements are more in evidence, and those born here readily recognize the prevalent weaknesses both in current politics and in current religion. What is more important, they have the courage of their convictions and the power to gain followers for their own progressive ideas.

To picture the ruthless onslaughts with which these people attack other persons and policies that seek to ravage society, CENTAURUS, a being having the lower parts of a horse and the upper parts of a human, is represented among the constellations as impaling on the end of his spear the wolf that pictures the last decanate of Libra. This wolf symbolizes those who use the brilliancy of their intellects to suppress truth and to foist ignorance and superstition upon society that they may profit by its exploitation. As those born in this middle decanate of Leo have the power to convince others, it behooves them to put forth every effort to gain truth, and to take great care that they do not disseminate erroneous notions. It is the decanate of REFORMATION.

Below is a synastry chart with Sarah’s wheel inside and Archie’s outside. I will comment on the synastry among the family members next month when bringing their daughter Angelina into the picture.