Sarah Stanley Grimke Decanates Report

This is the second installment from the Horoscope 2020 report and to help provide context I will introduce it with historical background on the subject, Sarah Eliza Stanley Grimke. Based on published historical evidence and then voluminous documentary research, this is what the world knows of Sarah. Her daughter is a much more recognized author than either Sarah or her husband Archibald; both Archie and Angelina had long lives in the public eye whereas Sarah was mostly out of sight and out of contact with them. Indeed, almost all the literature is from their point of view and depicts Sarah as a bad wife and bad mother whose abandonment of first Archie and then Angelina scarred them for life. But my research in primary sources shows a very strong drive and determination to pursue a writing career, and a willingness to pursue it to the ends of the earth.

Her early life was a series of defiant gestures against male authority. Wanting to go to Boston to college because Ann Arbor was too far from the intellectual action; becoming a Unitarian after graduating from a Methodist-affiliated institution; marrying a former slave to the horror of her parents and family; leaving him abruptly to the horror of HIS relatives; sending their daughter away to live with Archie and never seeing either of them again. All to pursue a writing career that unfolded in secrecy as an anonymous collaborator of a pseudonymous author.

Her writing collaboration with Thomas H. Burgoyne was short-lived in 1887-88 and no information has come to light about her years in New Zealand in the 1890s. So there could be another love interest or literary activity yet unknown to history. She returned to the US around 1896 and was reconciled to her parents but not her husband and child. Only after her death in 1898 did she emerge as an author of a book, but nothing of her personally was revealed in said book or known of her for generations.

She prophesied that no attention would be paid to her work until the 21st century, and my recent new edition of her works is the first since 1900.

4. Key Decanates – Overarching Character and Destiny

Each sign of the zodiac is divided into three sections called Decanates. Each decanate is pictured in the sky by one of the original 36 ultra-zodiacal constellations. The pictograph associated by the ancients with each of these constellations illustrates a spiritual parable or allegory that has special significance to those born with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in that decanate.

Your Sun is in the 2nd decanate of Aries, the Aries-Leo decanate under the sub-rulership of the Sun. The second decanate of Aries is pictured in the sky by ERIDANUS, the River of life, flowing from the never-failing fountain of perpetual youth. Here we find the severity of Mars tempered by the magnanimity of the Sun, which has sub-rulership over this decanate. It is the Leo section of Aries. Leo is the natural ruler of the house of love; water, symbol of the emotions, suggests the affectional influence. Only through the affections, only in the sacred precincts of love, do humans drink the coveted elixir that imparts eternal life. So those born under this section of the sky may well seek this hallowed source of power. They become rulers through their inherent power to sway the minds of others. They are born to lead rather than to serve, for this sub-influence of Leo lends a persistent ambition for power. The heart is somewhat joined to the head, and the more this union is cultivated the better. The greatest lever for attainment obtainable by the natives of this decanate is noble affection. It is the decanate of EXALTATION.

Your Moon is in the 1st decanate of Capricorn, the Capricorn-Capricorn decanate under the sub-rulership of Saturn. CYGNUS, the Swan, with outspread pinions, wings its way from the frozen north towards the sunny southern skies, pictures among the constellations the first decanate of Capricorn. It symbolizes the first news of a new order or things, a retreat from the crystallizing influence of materialism, and the harbinger of the approaching warmth of a spiritual spring.

So we find those born under this influence, when living at their best, to be forerunners of better conditions. They, better than any others, realize the value of system and organization to effect any worthwhile changes. In business or in politics, both of which are spheres of activity to which they naturally gravitate, their greatest asset is in conciliating different factions and inducing them to join in some large merger which will operate more economically and efficiently than could any one faction alone. These people shoulder responsibility readily and become the managers of the world. To live at their highest, they must be permitted to find expression for their talent of co-ordination. It is the decanate of ORGANIZATION.

Your Ascendant is in the 2nd decanate of Cancer, the Cancer-Scorpio decanate under the sub-rulership of Mars. HYDRA, the water-serpent, commences as the middle decanate of Cancer and extends through the sky all the distance from this home constellation to Scorpio, the constellation of death. Representing the Scorpio, or sex, decanate of the domestic sign, those born under it possess much resource and energy, as well as being strongly emotional. The serpent is the symbol of creative energy and the water in which it dwells is the symbol of the strong emotions displayed by these people. So, the traditional struggle of Hercules with this monster is not without significance, for it represents the struggle with sensual desires, as well as a struggle to overcome the limitations imposed by death.

Thus we find that those born here have a natural aptitude for communion with those who have passed to the spirit side of life. If they do not fall into the destructive forms of mediumship, and retain full control of their bodies and minds, they are guided from the spirit side of life in all their worthy undertakings. It is the decanate of REVELATION.