Sarah Stanley Grimke Collected Works

En route home from Missouri last month, I conceived the idea of getting into print the collection I had posted online as Esoteric Lessons– the original title under which it was published in 1900.  Thinking it would take months to deal with all the details, I was astonished to end up with a publication date of December 1. It is now available for order on Amazon, and I look forward to the first batch of author copies soon.

Ultimately I added so much new material that a new title for the collection seemed appropriate.  Esoteric Lessons was chosen posthumously by the publisher who kept secret the lives of his authors who wrote as “Zanoni.”  The new book has separate introductions to each of Sarah’s publications, an appendix on her relations with the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor by Patrick Bowen, another appendix on the Chevalier Louis de B_, and a preface by the editor.