Anti-reincarnationism in Celestial Dynamics

In his 1896 publication Celestial Dynamics, Thomas H. Burgoyne wrote:

“Past earth lives” and the cumulative effect of a previous karma upon the mental, moral, and financial status of the present embodied individuals are, of all the speculative follies in which the undeveloped human mind has indulged, the most insidious and ensnaring, especially to the half awakened souls who possess a natural love for occult and metaphysical studies; they see as through a glass darkly, and feel satisfied that the half understood subtleties of oriental dogmas rationally solve the problem of good and evil, mental genius and mediocre brains. (p. 50)

This passage is one of many that could be found in the literature of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.  In the Church of Light, opposition to reincarnationist teaching is more politely stated, but still consistent.  When we look to earlier sources for explanations, the most emphatic anti-reincarnationist writings which were familiar to the HBofL founders were those of Emma Hardinge Britten.  Spiritualism continues to be divided between opponents and proponents of reincarnationism; whereas in the wider field of the occult the anti-reincarnationist view has apparently become that of a small minority.