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The Central Spiritual Sun

In the rarely-seen Volume II of Ghost Land, Emma Hardinge Britten predicts a future religion that sounds like a neopagan revival of Hermeticism:

In this Spiritual Sun and its spheres, like the spheres of earth and other planets, are conserved all the beauty, perfection, and deathless spiritual life of the physical parent sun. Here the glorious and perfected souls of solar men become the deific and tutelary lords of creation. They are the angels of the entire solar system, and in their ascending spheres become archangels, gods, “thrones, dominions, powers,” ruling and governing the planetary worlds of their own system until time shall be no more.

Here let us rest.

Even if my readers will follow me into this revival of the ancient teachings upon the problem of Deity, they may tire of stretching the forces of mind up and away to the solar roads of infinity. They may shrink also with conventional, though all too unreasoning disgust, from what it has become the cant of sects to call “Heathenism, Paganism, or Fire Worship.”

We know that the views of antiquity concerning Deity, now reproduced in these Spiritual teachings, will be indignantly rejected by those who have been accustomed to image forth their God as a huge man, seated on a huge throne, listening to hymns of praise from the saints in Heaven, or to shrieks of agony from the tortured in Hell to all eternity.

It matters little to me, however, what men think now or what they accept or reject for to-day. In the years that shall be, humanity will all worship with me the Central Spiritual Sun, with its Elohim, tutelary gods, angels, and guardians of this solar system, and bend their mortal lives on earth, only to be worthy to join these hosts of Heaven. Meantime, I write because I have heard THE VOICE, and obey the command it implies, “Be still, and know that I am God.” It is a strange and significant fact that all religious systems upon the face of the earth originated in solar worship, most commonly in the acceptance of the physical sun as the sign and symbol of a Spiritual sun. So taught, so worshiped India, Egypt, Chaldea, Persia, Greece, and Rome. So believed, so wrote, though mostly in Cabala, the wandering Jews. So did the Cabalistic writers of the Jewish Scriptures imply, when they put into the mouths of the Elohim the words—”Let us make man in OUR image “; when they gave the Jewish nation in charge to one of the Elohim, “ Jah “ or “ Jehovah “; when they filled their Scriptures with a thousand figures of speech, all indicative of Deity in the brightness of solar glory, or the obscurity which hid that brightness in clouds and darkness from sinful men. So wrote the Cabalists in imaging forth the fall of Spirit through the creative sunbeam in the fall of man and the origin of sex. So, in a word, will all the original mysteries of theology be yet explained, and the subtle webs of priestcraft be broken and swept away.