Modernism’s Mythic Pose, by Carrie J. Preston (Oxford 2011) on Genevieve Stebbins

1894 photograph

Genevieve Stebbins has been discussed at length in a new book from Oxford University Press, which makes the third scholarly work to recognize her significance within the past year.  Modernism’s Mythic Pose devotes an entire chapter to Stebbins, all of which is accessible on Google Books.  Church of Light members who attended my presentation on The Light of Egypt in Albuquerque will recall that Stebbins emerges as a crucial figure in our own history.   Stebbins remains obscure in the world of American religious history, just as obscure as the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.  But her unique genius is being recognized in the world of dance history, and the work of contemporary authors like Preston brings Stebbins back to life for today’s reader.