US Political and Military Leaders in the Brotherhood of Light Lessons

In 2024 most updates to this blog will feature individuals whose natal charts were published in the Brotherhood of Light Lessons. I have broken down the categories of people involved; the third largest single group is 31 US political and military leaders. (For comparison and context, there are 38 actors, directors and musicians, 33 scientists, athletes, and explorers, 24 authors, 14 Church of Light leaders, 14 world leaders, and 15 miscellaneous criminals etc.)

8 US Presidents– Calvin Coolidge, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Warren G. Harding, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman

2 Vice-Presidents– Alben Barkley, Henry A. Wallace

5 Senators– Hugo Black, Hiram Johnson, Gerald P. Nye, Margaret Chase Smith, Eugene Talmadge

1 Representative– John S. McGroarty

5 Governors– Thomas Dewey, Huey Long, George Murphy, Culbert Olson, Earl Warren

4 Military– Douglas MacArthur, Dale H. Maple, George Marshall, Eddie Rickenbacker

6 Labor, Legal, Business Leaders–  Paul H. Bruns, Harry Bridges, John L. Lewis, Tom Mooney, Daniel C. Roper, Wendell Willkie

All of these individuals are overshadowed historically by a single president about whom I am currently reading. A biographical study of FDR as an environmentalist by Douglas Brinkley will be featured in the next blog post when Aquarius arrives.

Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America (