Recent Esoteric Studies

Of the 2022 titles mentioned in the previous post, I have only just received the Green book The Religious Revolution, and many of the 2021 and 2020 titles are very expensive so I can only cite them from free excerpts online. But I have now read the works by Lucid, Della Subin, Urban, Dann, and Kramer, while Sites is next after Green. (PS Hokanson arrived today, Friday July 7.) These will be featured in future blog posts. The value of seeing whose books cite mine is they rarely say anything about me but just the adept biographical subjects in my books– in very interesting ways. [Out of 25, one is very flattering and one is very insulting but 23 just use the research without flattering or insulting the author which is what I want.]

2021 Citations in Books:

Fictional Practice: Magic, Narration, and the Power of  Imagination Page 171

Bernd-Christian Otto – 2021 Brill

Esoteric Transfers and Constructions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam… Page 286

Mark Sedgwick, ‎Francesco Piraino · 2021 Palgrave

Secrecy: Silence, Power, and Religion – Page 223

Hugh B. Urban · 2021 University of Chicago Press

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: My Seven Years in Occult Los Angeles… Acknowledgments

Tamra Lucid · 2021 Inner Traditions International

Claiming Knowledge: Strategies of Epistemology from Theosophy to the New Age – Page 538

Olav Hammer · 2021 Brill

The Subtle Body: A Genealogy – Page 224

Simon Cox · 2021 Oxford University Press

Accidental Gods

Anna Della Subin- 2021 Metropolitan Books

Sino-Tibetan Buddhism across the Ages – Page 168

Ester Bianchi, ‎Weirong Shen · 2021 Brill

Die orientalische Wende der Theosophischen Gesellschaft.. Page 508

Ulrich Harlass · 2021 de Gruyter

Das Chakra-System: Der Schlüssel zum Verständnis des Menschenbooks.                                                   

Kurt Leland · 2021 Aquamarin-Verlag

Freemasonry and Rudolf Steiner…Page 262

N.V. P. Franklin, 2021 Temple Lodge

Mysterious Travelers: Steve Ditko and the Search for a New Liberal Identity … Page 264

Zack Kruse · 2021 University Press of Mississippi


Kabbalah in America: Ancient Lore in the New World – Page 110

Brian Ogren · 2020 New York University Press

The Reception of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in Britain: East Comes West – Page 187

Brendan McNamara · 2020 Brill

Enchanted New York: A Journey along Broadway through Manhattan’s Magical Past… – Page 324

Kevin Dann · 2020 New York University Press

Inhaling Spirit: Harmonialism, Orientalism, and the Western  Roots of Modern Yoga…Page

Anya P. Foxen · 2020 Oxford University Press

The Return of Holy Russia: Apocalyptic History, Mystical Awakening, and the Struggle for the Soul of the World

Gary Lachman · 2020 Inner Traditions International

Theosophy across Boundaries: Transcultural and International Perspectives on a Modern Esoteric Movement, endnotes

Hans Martin Krämer, ‎Julian Strube · 2020 SUNY Press

Searching for the Spirit: Theosophy in Australia, 1879-1939

Jill Roe · 2020 · ‎Wakefield Press

Sun Ra’s Chicago: Afrofuturism and the City

William Sites – University of Chicago Press 2020