Prometheus Lodge, Elizabeth D. Benjamine guest speaker

As we approach Summer Solstice this blog will turn over a new leaf and focus solely on the early twentieth century Brotherhood of Light and Church of Light as sources of clues about associations and influences. From my earliest books to my latest editorial projects, the time frame 1875-1900 has almost defined the scope of research, although it involves many countries and different esoteric and spiritual groups. This article from the Los Angeles Evening Citizen Times appeared April 19, 1941. It came as a revelation to me that Elizabeth was a speaker at a Masonic lodge in Los Angeles, and a new puzzle to solve– who was C. N. Redmond her fellow speaker? Another news article describes her visit to Ohio on behalf of The Church of Light. This appeared in the Mansfield News-Journal on August 13, 1941.– KPJ

Editing to add– this Redmond seems to be an impostor, taking the name of a real Rev. C. N. Redmond. No matter how much I try to avoid discussing aliases of impostors, they keep popping up.