Thomas Moore Johnson, Greatest Living Missourian, 1915

Born in the first decanate of Aries, Johnson was a pioneer intellectually and spiritually. | First Eighteen Decanates Analyzed provides this summary of the Aries decanate of Aries, identified with the constellation Triangulum.

ARIES—1st Decanate. To picture the possibilities of the first decanate of the zodiac the masters of old traced in the sky a starry triangle. This constellation—TRIANGULUM —symbolizes the divine fire that those born under the first decanate of Aries have the capacity to inhale. When living in their highest they are true leaders in thought; for the triangle, ever used as a symbol of flame, is also used as a symbol of mind. And again, by its three sides united into one figure, it represents the union of body, mind, and spirit—thus teaching the importance of cooperation.

The pioneer spirit of Aries is expressed in this decanate in all its fiery fullness. Zeal and enthusiasm mark the progress of its children. The Aries decanate of Aries, subruled by the aggressive lord of war, ever seeks new worlds to conquer. And when the thoughts are permitted to soar untrammeled upward, even as the triangle points to heaven, those born under this influence become the harbingers of better things. But when the lower marital power gains sway they become the avenging agents of death and destruction.

Dr. J. M. Peebles, the great pioneer of spiritualism, had this as his Spiritual polarity, having been born when the Sun was in this decanate. Emperor Paul of Russia had this portion of the zodiac for Mental polarity, the Moon being there when he was born. And Proclus, the great Greek Neoplatonic philosopher, who scaled the height of occult initiation and so impressed his thoughts upon the times in which he lived, was born with the Mars decanate of Aries Ascending, this being his Physical polarity. It is the decanate of ACTIVITY.