Celestial Dynamics reprinted by Kessinger, author Anonymous

In 1896, a small book was published by Astro-Philosophical Publishing Company of Denver,  Celestial Dynamics: A Course of Astrological Study, identified as having been written by “the author of The Language of the Stars and The Light of Egypt.” He was identified by the penname Zanoni and the swastika symbol.  The introduction states that “it was the intention of both the author and publisher to give the reading public Celestial Dynamics shortly after the publication of `The Language of the Stars’ in 1892, as announced on the cover of that book, but circumstances over which we have had no control, caused the delay until now…The time for Celestial Dynamics is now.  May it ever find those ready for its teachings, prepared to realize its sublime truths so ably stated by its author whose motto is `Omnia Vincit Veritas.'”(pp. 17-18)  There is no mention here of Thomas H. Burgoyne being dead, although in the 1900 second volume of The Light of Egypt he was thus described, and a death date of 1894 had been attributed.  As readers of this blog know, my interest in Sarah Stanley Grimke’s writings inspires investigation of her possible contributions to anonymous or pseudonymous publications.  Celestial Dynamics ranks high among such possibilities. Kessinger Publishing reprinted the book in 2003 and listed the authorship as Anonymous.  But the last previous edition, from Health Research in 1966, listed the author as Thomas H. Burgoyne.  In the future I will post about comparisons of this book with Grimke’s astrological writings, but for now just want to announce the availability of the reprint and the different attributions.  Closing with an excerpt that I found revealing and inspirational:

As there are no special laws relating to any individual,  no private legislature possible in the Divine economy of creative law, we must be a part of all that transpires in the action and inter-action of the planetary and stellar worlds.  Cosmic law must affect us in proportion to our state, as it does the dazzling worlds of space. This being so we must first of all look to those primary centers of force and grasp their power before we attempt to bind and measure the reactions of those powers as they become manifest in ourselves.

With the foregoing before us, we can see that those powers which mould and guide the life of the physical man are the vibrations received from the forces which mould and guide the destinies of worlds, the only difference being the length of the orbit of action; in our own case, a few fleeting seasons only, in the case of worlds, embracing untold millions of ages.(pp. 17-18)