The Duality of Truth by Henry Wagner (1899) now available online

Many historical books have been digitized by Google books.  But sometimes the only digital copy of a book is on, a treasure trove for researchers.  1899 was an important year for Astro-Philosophical Publications of Denver, in that its founders Henry and Belle Wagner both published books of their own, followed in 1900 by the new second volume of Burgoyne’s The Light of Egypt and the Esoteric Lessons of Sarah Stanley Grimke.  The Duality of Truth  is the major work of Henry Wagner, M.D., and bears the imprint of his involvement with the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. An excerpt:

Immortality is born — a new Cycle entered upon — a new day dawns for mankind. Man realizes his relation to God as His child — inheritor of Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth — and, understanding himself, knowing himself with that consciousness born from intellect ripened into intuition which enables him to worship God in spirit and in truth. No longer bound by limitation he is free. His spirit can not be chained or imprisoned forever. Change, eternal change, brings light, love and life out of darkness, death and decay. Harmony out of discord. Eros out of chaos, two in one, God manifested in forms, male and female — positive and negative.(p 30)