The Quest of the Spirit on Academia

The chapters being rather long for serialization as blog posts, I have instead created a reformatted file of the original text, along with the photographic reprint created by Marc Demarest from a copy I had scanned. Here is the page which has both links as well as the two video conference talks related to the subject. A word of clarification on my attitude to works of contested or ambiguous authorship. I have lately published works by Wilder, Grimke, and Chintamon, as books. There is no confusion about who wrote them. But for tomes like The Light of Egypt, Ghost Land, the Mahatma Letters, I feel it incumbent on any editor or publisher to identify the authors, and leave that to future generations. As for the Norman/Genevieve team, Quest of the Spirit seems to be mostly Genevieve in the first half, mostly Norman in the second half re the shift from science/philosophy to religion/psychic phenomena, and all Norman in the final appendices. But it is such a thorough collaboration between life partners that sorting out Genevieve and Norman in the text is probably impossible without original manuscripts that might provide clues.