Angelina Weld Grimke Key Chart Points and Decanates

 3. Your Key Chart Points and General Characteristics

Your character and temperament are a composite of the following key chart points:

Your Sun (sun sign) is in Pisces. The Sun is also your Dominant Planet.

Your Sun is in Pisces, pictured among the constellations by two Fish united by a ribbon of love. The ribbon uniting the fish is long, giving great freedom of movement within their loving bond. Timid and restless like the fish, you are greatly influenced by your environment. You are idealistic, especially about domestic life and likely long for universal brotherhood and peace on earth. The dominant idea is I BELIEVE.

Belonging to the element Water, there is a tendency to be dreamy, mystical, and romantic. It is a Mutable sign, mirroring like a lake its environment, and moved by every motion near it. Belonging to the third degree of emanation, it tends to become all things to all people. Though imaginative and dreamy, Pisces can flow into such grooves of the world’s affairs that they usually acquire material comforts.

Capable of high intellectual development, you are sensitive, mediumistic, worry-prone, psychic, peaceable, sympathetic, prudent, modest, a mystery-lover, and often lack self-confidence. You have a strong desire for the ideal in marriage. When this ideal is not realized, you become restless and discontented. No other sign has such extremes of temperament and ability. Pisces people are found to be successful in almost every line of human endeavor.

While the Pisces individual is amiable, kind, neat and selective, they also may be timid and lacking in self-confidence. You tend to be restless, emotional, and capable of high intellectual development. Sensitive, mediumistic, capable of psychic lucidity, romantic and a lover of mystery, you may become too negative and dreamy to realize your ideals. You readily become interested in psychic investigation, are profoundly disturbed by injustice, and are deeply religious. Pisces individuals vary more widely from type than those born in any other sign. Inclined to be malleable, you tend to be greatly influenced by your environment. It is a good idea for you to be interested in and enthusiastic about your choice of work. Your best quality is SYMPATHY. Your worst quality is WORRY. You have high ideals, and love harmony. Because you are so sensitive to discords and to the thoughts of others, you are inclined to magnify the importance of slight adversity, or imagine adversity that never comes to pass. You are at your best when working in the spirit of universal brotherhood. To be successful you must early cultivate the faculty of finishing everything you start, otherwise you may encounter obstacles and restrictions that cause you to drop your work before completion. As you tend to be deeply religious or spiritually-minded, take care to realize you are only responsible when and where your ability allows; trust Deity with the other details.

The Sun is the most powerful planet in your chart, but discordant, indicating that thoughts and events relating to significance and self-esteem are important and need harmonious reinforcement. Avoid being overbearing and dominating by reinforcing pleasant thoughts relating to pride, firmness, conscientiousness and self-esteem, and strive to express the best qualities of Pisces.

Your Moon (moon sign) is in Libra.

With a Libra Moon, your mentality is guided by your desire to find harmony and balance, particularly in relation to the home, family and domestic affairs. You crave harmony, courtesy, companionship and beauty in your domestic life. As a rule, living an isolated life does not suit you. You feel a deep need to follow your social inclinations. Your natural tendency is to dabble in many things. The benefit of this is that it can lead to proportional development of your abilities. The best quality of Libra is AFFABILITY. Your worst quality is love of APPROBATION (praise).

As a lover of harmony, you dislike hurting another’s feelings, and have trouble saying no. Keep in mind that in the long run, you will be better liked and respected by others when you render firm decisions, especially in your domestic environment. Be aware of susceptibility to being influenced by flattery. Thoughts ruled by this sign belong to the EQUILIBRIUM series. With the Domestic thought cells expressing from the I Balance attitude, seek beauty and artistic creation in your home and with family rather than ease and luxury.

The Moon is of average power in your chart and somewhat harmonious indicating that thoughts and events relating to timing, tune, sublimity, philoprogenitiveness and general domestic affairs are important in the life, and, to the extent these harmonious thoughts are reinforced, will aid you in providing a harmonious living environment.

Mercury: Habitual Modes of Speech and Communication

The zodiacal sign in which Mercury resides indicates the habitual mode of speech and communication via letters, email, and social media.

Your Mercury resides in the zodiacal sign Pisces. With the Intellectual thought cells, governing cerebral processes, perception, comparison and communication, expressing from the “I Believe” attitude of Pisces, the speech, and expression in general, should be positive and good humored rather than timid or fretful. The best quality of Pisces is sympathy, and its worst quality is worry.

Mercury is moderately powerful in your chart and somewhat harmonious indicating that thoughts and events relating to conscious mental activity, manner of speech, writing, general social communication and mobility are important and, to the extent they are reinforced with constructive thinking and actions, will be an important factor in being successful.

 4. Key Decanates – Overarching Character and Destiny

Each sign of the zodiac is divided into three sections called Decanates. Each decanate is pictured in the sky by one of the original 36 ultra-zodiacal constellations. The pictograph associated by the ancients with each of these constellations illustrates a spiritual parable or allegory that has special significance to those born with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in that decanate.

Your Sun is in the 1st decanate of Pisces, the Pisces-Pisces decanate under the sub-rulership of Jupiter. The Neptune-decanate of Pisces is pictured among the constellations by CEPHEUS, the King, whose foot rests upon the immovable Pole-Star. He holds aloft a scepter cut from the Tree of Life, and his crown is surmounted by seven globes representing the seven planets and Septenary Law in nature. People born under this section of the sky are naturally interested in understanding Nature, particularly in its psychic and spiritual aspects. They are mystics, to the manor born, and seek truth not so much through the methods of exact science and reason as through the exercise of their psychic faculties. They readily become seers, and have a natural aptitude for grasping the esoteric interpretation of all phenomena. This ability to recognize the truth through the inner response becomes of value in the world of affairs where secret-service work of all kinds is performed. They are detectives of the highest order, whether their talents are directed to social conditions, or to the wider mysteries of universal relations. It is the decanate of VERITY.

Your Moon is in the 1st decanate of Libra, the Libra-Libra decanate under the sub-rulership of Venus. The first decanate of Libra is pictured among the constellations by SERPENS, the Serpent. This is the snake that sacred tradition asserts tempted Eve to her downfall. The serpent has been used from ancient times; not only as a symbol of creative energy, but also of cunning. In worldly matters those native to this decanate have no need of the admonition to be “wise as serpents,” for they have an innate ability to handle people and situations.

The Biblical serpent told Eve to eat of the apple she would become wise. Subsequent events verified the prophecy. Those born under this decanate uphold all the serpent traditions of wisdom and subtlety. In addition, they possess creative energy to pioneer in realms of human association. Such people do not benefit by seeking seclusion. Instead they benefit by mixing in the world’s affairs and by coming in continuous contact with humankind. In this field, they wield enormous power for good through their ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others. Take pains to avoid becoming too engrossed in purely material aims. It is the decanate of POLICY.