Letters to the Sage Volume Two available on academia.edu as pdf

Although my research and writings have been focused overwhelmingly on American history for more than twenty years, scholarly interest has been almost entirely directed at my Asian and European research of the early 1990s.  But that may be about to change. Two conferences this autumn, a few weeks apart in Greece and Missouri, will feature the letters of Thomas Henry Burgoyne to Thomas Moore Johnson, following up on current investigations that were reported in June at the biennial Church of Light conference. These will be the subject of future updates of this blog but meanwhile I wanted to alert readers that Volume Two of Letters to the Sage, entitled Alexander Wilder, the Platonist, is now available free of charge at academia.edu, where my account also includes several other historical articles about esotericism. The international range of interest in the contents of the page has been most encouraging as seen in this report for  the past thirty days.