Henry and Belle Wagner

Henry Wagner, M.D., 1850-1919

Lately I’ve been looking into the lives of Henry Wagner, M.D., and his wife Belle Ewing Wagner. Both were Ohio-born, but lived almost their entire married lives in the West, where for thirty years they were the leaders of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor and publishers of related material via Astro Philosophical Publications. Here to the left is a brief summary of Henry’s life as I have stored data on, from his marriage through his death.  He had received a medical degree in 1871, age 21, from Bellevue Hospital Medical College, then returned home to Ohio to marry.  Below is the Bing bird’s eye view of the address of the Wagner home as listed in the 1910 census,  which would have been HBofL headquarters at the time Benjamin Williams first encountered the Brotherhood.

Denver home of Henry and Belle Wagner