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La Luz de Egipto

The first copy of The Light of Egypt I owned was the Spanish translation,  found in Monterrey, Mexico in 1991: La Luz de Egipto, the 2nd 1978 paperback edition from Editorial Kier in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In 1968 the first Kier edition had appeared in hardcover, and represents the translation by Emma B. MacDonald of the 1963 edition published by Wagner descendants in Denver.  That edition refers to the book having been out of print for sixty years.  In addition to many puzzles about its authorship, The Light of Egypt has a publication history that also includes mysterious elements.  The Spanish translation, now out of print, is of the most recent new edition of the book; there have been several reprints of that and earlier editions.  While C.C. Zain praised the book and its authors as authoritative earlier statements of the Brotherhood teachings, there was little emphasis on it in the CofL in his lifetime and less so thereafter.  The Argentinian publisher Kier is a mainstream firm, which included La Luz de Egipto as part of its “collecion pronostico.” Preliminary searches have yielded no evidence of the Spanish translation being cited elsewhere, nor discussed by any Spanish speakers online, but there must have been some perceived market for the book in the 1960s and 70s.  Why and how the book came back into print in Spanish translation is a subject about which I hope to learn more in future.