Plato's Ghost on Hermetic themes in Spiritualism

Spiritualism is as significant as Theosophy and New Thought as sources of ideas found in the Church of Light.  The role of Spiritualism in transmission of Hermetic themes is discussed in Cathy Gutierrez’s 2009 study from Oxford University Press, Plato’s Ghost.  The conclusion of her third chapter on medicine offers two paragraphs worth contemplating for contemporary Hermeticists:

The Spiritualists were the inheritors of the Renaissance worldview, indebted to hermeticism in general and Kabbalism in particular, that viewed the natural world as utterly shot through with the divine. With the universe as the infinite replication of the divine man, the human body itself took on a central importance as a representative of the image of the cosmos and the vessel for the influx of the universal material or fluid… Many scholars have noted that Spiritualism was at the forefront of democratizing American Christiantiy; believers inveighed against Calvinist election, fought for the equality of the sexes and something approximating equality for the races, dispensed with hell, and threw heaven open to all religions….Spiritualism refused to accept a model whereby the body was the temporary prison of the soul, and argued insted for a form of enspirited matter in which the soul cast the light in the map of the body.(p. 141)