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Women in the Arts in the Belle Epoque on Genevieve Stebbins

This collection of essays published in 2012 includes a section by Nena Couch on Pauline Townsend, in which Genevieve Stebbins is discussed:

Of the women active in the field, Genevieve Stebbins had a wide and lasting influence on thousands who read her writings, took classes, or saw her lecture or perform, including the great American dancer Ruth St. Denis who had the opportunity to see Stebbins perform when St. Denis was a child. The event had such an impact that St. Denis credited it with being “the real birth of my art life.” St. Denis went on to say that because of Genevieve Stebbins, she “glimpsed for the first time the individual possibilities of expression and the dignity and truth of the human body…” which she explored in her own work for many decades.

The book was published by McFarland Publishing of Jefferson, NC, not far from Blowing Rock which was the vacation home of Stebbins and her husband Norman Astley.