200 citations, 16 countries, 22 states

edited repost from my other blog, with comment below on its relevance to this one:

Book citations in 2012

Among the rewards provided to authors by Google Books and Amazon is knowing when, where, and by whom their works are cited in other books. Some years ago I started keeping a record on my Backintyme blog, mainly for my own encouragement. Years after a book’s sales diminish to near-zero, other writers can continue to find it useful in their own research. Recently the total reached 200, the occasion for a celebratory post. The books were published in sixteen countries, twenty-two states, and the District of Columbia, in chronological order of appearance: France, US, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, India, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Romania, Switzerland; Georgia, Michigan, Maine, New York, Illinois, Indiana, California, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Vermont, Minnesota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina.

comment–It is clear from looking at these books that The Masters Revealed has been cited more than my other books combined, mainly in scholarly studies but in a fair number of popular works. What may not be as readily apparent is that almost all Theosophical Publishing House books mentioning my research have been friendly or neutral rather than antagonistic. Although I’m not an academic scholar, the encouraging response from academics in many disciplines and countries was an unintended consequence of investigating Blavatsky and company. As I’m not a Theosophist, I appreciate that my research has been fairly presented in TPH publications. The only recent attempts to draw my name into an academics-versus-Theosophists quarrel have come from a few obscure blogs. No such controversies arose from my book on Edgar Cayce which was perceived as evenhanded and accurate by believers and skeptics alike. (Nor were Pell Mellers and Carolina Genesis perceived as controversial by anyone to my knowledge.) The next book project on the horizon for me is a return to the family/local history genre, co-editing another Backintyme collection previewed in my presentation at the Melungeon Union two weeks ago in Wytheville, Virginia. After three years working on different projects related to Western Esoteric Traditions, in 2014 I’ll be reverting to the kind of research I did through the decade 2001-2010. This will entail fewer or briefer updates on my new research to this blog. But when my own research shifts direction away from the world of esoteric traditions, there are plenty of other writers and researchers whose work will merit reports. And through the end of 2013 I’ll be working intensively with aspects of HBofL history which can provide much discussion fodder in years to come.