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Six new publications

Today marks two years since the initial publication of the Sarah Stanley Grimke Collected Works, following the November 2019 symposium on Thomas Moore Johnson at Missouri State University and the Johnson Library and Museum, in Springfield and Osceola respectively. Initially an essay on the identities of the Chevalier Louis de B was an appendix but later became a prologue, since chronologically Britten influenced Grimke and Burgoyne more than vice versa. The research about Burgoyne presented at the 2019 CofL convention became the epilogue of the new book, and now an appendix about his colleague Hurrychund Chintamon is added. The paperback is now out of print but now the Grimke Collected Works is available as a Kindle ebook at 99 cents. It is also a hardcover priced at $13.99. A new edition of Ghost Land is forthcoming from Typhon Press, and Ronnie Pontiac’s American Metaphysical Religion is forthcoming from Inner Traditions International. Stay tuned for announcements when they are released.

Connected to the newly revised Grimke are two new books. Letters to Thomas Moore Johnson by Alexander Wilder is a $6.99 paperback condensation of the second volume of Letters to the Sage which included a lot of material subsequently published in other books. Finally, my genealogical memoir Pell Mellers (2008, 2013) is now out of print and superseded by a condensation focusing entirely on the late 19th century, Pell Mell: Civil War and Reconstruction in a Carolina Pocosin, which has tie-ins to the Grimke book due to Quaker history in the Carolinas and that of mixed race families (which in both books means triracial, a mix of Native, African, and European ancestors.) It is a $11.99 hardcover.

I intend to be present at the 2022 Church of Light convention and will donate copies of these four paperbacks and three hardcovers for sale at the book table.