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Esoteric Lessons and The Quest of the Spirit

This week I will give a presentation at the biennial convention of The Church of Light entitled “The Light of Egypt Mystery.”  It will feature the work of two women writers who were prominent in the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, but whose books have long been out of print.  Both were honored by Elbert Benjamine as important pioneers in spreading the Brotherhood of Light teachings.  Sarah Stanley Grimke’s Esoteric Lessons is a collection of three of her published works,  while Genevieve Stebbins’s The Quest of the Spirit is described as the work of “A Pilgrim of the Way”– about whose identity the book contains many clues.  (These links are to complete online editions.)  For reasons that I will explain in Albuquerque, these two women are as important influences on the Brotherhood of Light lessons as any man– if not more so.