The Coming Man by Henry Wagner, M.D., The Mountain Pine, 1907

Henry Wagner, M.D.

 The Coming Man.

Dr. Henry Wagner.

SCIENCE has demonstrated that every form of energy is derived from the sun. That life on our earth would soon become extinct if it were not for the sun’s rays animating and vivifying life in its infinite manifestations. The atmosphere, which gives manifestation to lightning, terrestrial magnetism and the aurora borealis, is one of the same vivifying forces that express themselves in vegetable, tree, animal and human life. They are all the same under different manifestations of power.

The sun comes to us as heat and he quits us as heat, but between his entrance and departure the multiform powers of our globe appear; they are all special forms of solar power.

History repeats itself in cycles of time regulated by the Sun’s change of polarity from one zodiacal sign to another, which requires 2,160 years to complete, therefore the present cycle will manifest the full and complete influence of the sun in Aquarius, the sign through which he is now operating or manifesting. This sign represents Man in the zodiac and corresponds to Man in Nature as the highest manifestation of intelligence organized in form. As the thinking animal, man is the supreme expression of the Infinite mind, capable of analyzing the sun’s vibrations through science, philosophy, religion and kindred subjects, which must and will be consciously evolved to his reason and understanding through and by means of the sun’s vibrations in Aquarius which will give a new expression of thoughts and ideas on all of these subjects, and this will be purely the outcome of this solar force in this sign of the man.

Aquarius is an airy sign, the lowest of the airy triplicity, and governs those vibrations from the sun’s rays that externalize vapors, gases and forces such as compressed air, liquid air, hydrogen and nitrogen in all their relations to vapor and air. The coming man will naturally vibrate to these subtle, dynamic influences and naturally evolve the potentialities hidden and concealed under this symbolism. The scope of its science and philosophy is so vast and momentous as to take in all that pertains to the chemistry of photography as revealed by the camera and magnetic needle and this sums up the history of mankind on our globe as revealed by geology and archeology, two sciences that picture humanity in its mutations and transmutations, its involutions and its evolutions as the thinking part of matter and force or intelligence. Man is the highest expression of matter and force in organic form on our earth and expresses intelligence that is in keeping with his relation to nature in all her varied departments of manifested and unmanifested life both visible and invisible, material and spiritual. As he finds himself related to both and in the solution of himself, he has the key to unlock the universe.

We do, therefore, declare for the coming Man a very high degree of knowledge in every branch of science, history and philosophy, as well as in religion; he will show himself master over the elements of nature by harnessing them and compelling their obedience to his will His knowledge of himself as the only organized expression of Deity, in material form, will enable him to manifest his God nature and shine forth as he has never done before on this earth, by reason of his larger growth of mental capacity, fuller development of his latent potentialities and the hidden attributes of his spiritual being which he is beginning to recognize as his real self. This knowledge, together with the more perfected condition of the earth on which he lives, will enable him. during the present cycle, to wield a power and produce a race of mental giants capable of great intellectual force expressed in an infinite number of inventions, mechanical devices and scientific demonstrations of the power of mind over matter, which is of itself positive evidence of their relation to each other as the dual expression of the one truth and one supreme power and deific intelligence governing all. ,

The sun is the motive power of every force and intelligence, including man as the highest and best developed of all its evolved creations or manifestations of intelligence. He is only in his young manhood as yet and will gradually mature into the perfect man as the sun progresses farther into the sign Aquarius to evolve forth his full powers of expression and intelligence. We may look forward for 2,160 years and say in advance what is more than likely to transpire upon earth regarding man and his unfoldment physically, mentally and spiritually as the sun’s vibrations externalize the potential powers and attributes hidden under the symbol of the man.

A race of intellectual giants is certain to be the fruitage of this cycle as the personified wisdom of the sun manifested in the son of man. The old conditions of past cycles are passing away and will continue to decay until they are no more.

Nations are but the aggregations of individuals composing them. They have their birth, life and death, the same as individuals,the only difference being in the cycle governing them. Each cycle expresses its own latent powers and intelligence, which is always natural to the sign through which the sun is passing and cannot be forced into any expression but its own. This law is as fixed and unalterable regarding the cycles as the law governing trees, animals or men. Therefore, it is easy to say in advance what will be expressed by man during this cycle of the . man and what the coming man will be, that he will be an intellectual giant and mental genius, capable of self government by reason of his mental development and control over himself and the elements that environ him, is self-evident. Government must conform its laws to this high end, as the mental growth of the race will demand it. Liberty of speech and action will shape themselves as justice requires to every demand made upon humanity in evolving its latent powers of mind and muscle. Mind, the superior force, will control and manifest the Aquarian characteristics of intelligence in every department of human thought. Muscle must obey the demands and behests of the mental force and work out its supreme will through every avenue of expression. Labor and capital should have but one interest and one aim in expressing thought through invention and scientific discoveries. There is no law for man as a unit, apart from the whole race, therefore, he must obey the highest law of racial development and conform his individual efforts to the racial evolution.

The pioneers of a new country are always in advance of those who come after them as they must cut down the timber, burn the stumps and underbrush, plow and till the soil before its latent properties can be turned to profit, just so with the pioneers of this new cycle upon which the race is fairly entered. They must endure the fatigue and hardships of battle in the overthrow of the old conditions that belong to the past cycle. The sun’s passover from Pisces, the fisherman, into Aquarius, the man, will overthrow all of our creeds and dogmas of theology and medicine as well as politics and this is the real cause for all the disturbance the race has witnessed in these departments of human thought since 1881, the entry of the sun into the sign Aquarius. The tearing down and cutting off by wars, famines and disease as well as the conflict engendered in science, philosophy and religion has its correspondence on the mental plane as well as the physical; they go hand in hand in nature’s evolution. Therefore, the coming race will utilize every condition for the influx of the sun’s vibrations that will manifest its highest expression in human thought on every subject requiring the exercise of mind. We must look Nature’s operations squarely in the face amd not try to impede or obstruct her onward, upward march as she will slough off all fungus growth of whatever kind and nature that man in his ignorance and selfishness opposes as barriers to her onward march. Race succeeds race in cyclic expression as naturally as crop succeeds crop of fruit or cereal. We are apt to deplore the operation of Nature’s law in this manifestation as it applies to mankind while we extol the same law when it is confined to the products of the earth.

This appeared in 1907 in The Mountain Pine, published in Green Mountain Falls by Chrystola Publishing Company.  More to come on this publication and the Colorado Spiritualist scene.