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Horoscope 2020 Natal Chart Report Parts 1-4 for

Elbert Benjamine (born Benjamin Parker Williams)
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 1. Introduction

An astrological chart of birth (horoscope), drawn for the exact date, time and longitude and latitude (place) of birth, is essentially a map of the total character of the individual at the time of birth. Your chart, shown above, is a complex ensemble of planetssigns and houses. (See Appendix.) The chart is a two-dimensional map of a five-dimensional, thought-built body, often referred to as the astral body. The planets map complex thought structures that form the major psychological urges or drives, e.g., the Power Urges mapped by the Sun in the chart, and the Domestic Urges mapped by the Moon in the chart. These essential drives or urges express with slightly different overtones depending on the astrological sign (position on the ecliptic or zodiac) in which the planet falls at birth. For example, a Sun in Capricorn indicates the Power Urges express from the I Use attitude, while a Moon in Virgo indicates the Domestic Urges express from the I Analyze perspective. (See appendices for more information.) A good chart reading necessarily proceeds from the general to the more detailed. The general characteristics of character, personality, temperament and general fortune (see Appendix) are important when considering the details of each department of life.

The Appendix contains a definition of the symbols used and a Glossary that defines terms used in the report.

References to astrodyne power and harmony in this report can be found summarized in in the tables in the section on Astrodyne Analysis. Qualitative values for power and harmony are based on a relative assessment of the statistical distribution in this chart and not on general “population” statistics.

 2. Chart-level View of Energy Distribution in Your Chart

The following diagrams show where planet, house and sign energy is most prominent in your chart along with areas that are weak in power and of less importance in your life. The size of each balloon shows the power of each chart element relative to the other elements in the chart. See also the sections on Astrodyne and Department of Life analysis further on in the report.

Power Distribution among Planets & Key Chart Points:

As you can see in the diagram below, the most prominent planets are the Sun  mapping the Power Urges, Mercury mapping the Intellectual Urges and Mars  mapping the Aggressive Urges.

The Houses map the various departments of life. The amount of power (strong, weak or average) indicates the amount of activity in, and importance of, each Department of Life. As you can see in the diagram below, the most important areas of activity in the life are the 1st House (Personality, Personal Matters, Physical Body), the 7th House (Marriage, Partnership, Challengers), the 8th House (Partner’s Money, Fiduciary Responsibilities, Inheritance) and the 10th House (Vocation, Reputation, Credit, Mother).

Power Distribution among the Signs:

The quality of energy expressed by each planet is modulated by the Sign in which it falls. The Signs with the most planetary energy have the greatest impact on temperament, disposition and natural proclivities. As you can see in the diagram below, the most powerful Signs in your chart are Taurus indicating a nature that is stable, patient, and practical, Virgo indicating a nature that is discerning, analytical and witty and Sagittarius indicating a nature that is bright, enthusiastic and generous. See the sections on “Your Key Significators” and “Astrodyne Analysis” for more information.

 3. Your Key Chart Points and General Characteristics

Your character and temperament are a composite of the following key chart points:

Your Sun (sun sign) is in Sagittarius. The Sun is also your Dominant Planet.

You also have 3 other planets in Sagittarius: Mercury, Venus and Mars – indicating that your character and temperament strongly reflect the characteristics of this sign.

Your Sun is in Sagittarius, pictured among the constellations as a Centaur. The mythological Centaur, half animal and half human, is a hunter with the legs of a horse and the head of a human and is armed with a bow. Sagittarius people have a strong animal nature and at the same time are well supplied with higher, nobler, more generous impulses. You are migratory, love to travel, and enjoy outdoor sports. You also have a strong leaning toward philosophy and religion. When you speak, what you say generally goes straight to the mark like an arrow to the bullseye. The dominant idea of Sagittarius is I SEE.

Belonging to the element fire, at your core, you are energetic, hasty, enthusiastic and ambitious of worldly position. As a mutable sign, you are aggressive and impulsive, but not dominating. Belonging to the third degree of emanation, your actions arise from deep-seated motives that are largely shaped by what other people think proper and in good taste. Sagittarius people are a happy medium between Aries people, who are ruled by their heads, and Leo people, who are ruled by their hearts.

You tend to be loyal, patriotic, generous, free, self-reliant, conservative, ambitious, jovial and tolerant of the shortcomings of others. You tend to be frank and candid in expressing your opinion, and you are quick to fight for the rights of others. You tend to make prompt decisions and can command others. You take orders without resentment.

The Sagittarius person typically displays executive ability. In both thinking and deed you tend to go straight to the mark, caring more for effectiveness than for elegance. You benefit by following an occupation where there is plenty of opportunity for mental activity. At the same time, you prefer fresh air and exercise. Recreation is very important to you. Your best quality is LOYALTY. Your worst quality is SPORTIVENESS (being a little to playful or mischievous). You are philosophically inclined, and unless given opportunity for open-air recreation you are apt to develop morbid self-examination. Since you tend to go right to the point, be careful not to hurt the feelings of others.

The Sun is the most powerful planet in your chart, but slightly discordant, indicating that thoughts and events relating to significance and self-esteem are important and need harmonious reinforcement. Avoid being overbearing and dominating by reinforcing pleasant thoughts relating to pride, firmness, conscientiousness and self-esteem, and strive to express the best qualities of Sagittarius.

Your Moon (moon sign) is in Capricorn.

The Moon in Capricorn indicates a reserved and cautious mentality. This is particularly applicable to your domestic environment. When in a nurturing situation and you slip into being cold or austere, actively seek thoughts that encourage you to feel warm and open. Inclined to be conventional, methodical and highly ambitious, you find value in achieving worldly success, money and station. You have an aptitude for bringing together dissenting factions for synthesis and economy. This ability can be a big benefit in managing harmonious domestic affairs. Remember that when it comes to the home, family, children and domestic matters, cultivate empathy and a nurturing attitude.

At your best when given responsibility, you shoulder it successfully. Your best quality is DIPLOMACY. When expressing your best qualities, your Capricorn Moon predisposes you to be exceptionally honorable, but be alert to the worst quality of Capricorn, which is a tendency to DECEITFULNESS. In domestic affairs honesty and openness contribute to a more harmonious environment. Instead of angling to get the advantage, for which you have talent, be mindful of the needs of others. The greatest spiritual exercise any person can perform is to have integrity of character and devotion to the welfare of others. Thoughts ruled by this sign belong to the, UTILITY series. With the Domestic thought cells expressing from the I Use attitude; the mind benefits by seeking honors through serving society rather than through attaining self-centered ambitions.

Relative to the other planets, the Moon is weak and less active in your chart. This suggests you will benefit by cultivating and nurturing thoughts and events related to timing, tune, sublimity, love of one’s children and general domestic affairs.

Your Ascendant (rising sign) is in Scorpio.

Scorpio is a water sign so your personality likely expresses through an emotional experience of life. You tend to take personal affairs very seriously which sometimes leads to possessiveness or extreme jealousy in some cases. Carried to extremes, you may hold grudges and, or plan to take revenge at an opportune time. You tend not to easily forget personal affronts. Avoid trying to control others through subtle means. With a Scorpio Ascendant, you are intense in your likes and dislikes, and whatever you do, you do with your whole might. You possess a natural healing magnetism and are never at a loss for plans to overcome difficulties. Your best quality is RESOURCEFULNESS. Your worst quality is TROUBLESOMENESS. You believe in duty and feel that everyone needs to do their part. You’ve been known to take pains to see that others fulfill their obligations. Instead, try showing others by demonstration. You can be trusted to grapple with the most difficult and disagreeable tasks. Thoughts ruled by Scorpio belong to the DESIRE series. With the personal thought cells expressing from the I DESIRE attitude, your personality benefits by engaging in tasks which are helpful to others rather than trying to get even. Exercise resourcefulness through being constructive rather than in tearing down.

The Ascendant is of average power in your chart but discordant indicating that thoughts and events relating to your personality, personal prowess, physical appearance, and, to some extent health, are important factors in the life. Reinforce constructive thinking, and/or make constructive changes, relating to these areas of the life, and strive to express the best qualities of Scorpio.

The Ruler of Your Personality

The force of your personality, physical prowess, demeanor and appearance are not only a reflection of the power, harmony and zodiacal sign of your Ascendant, but will also reflect any planets in the 1st house or planets in the 12th house that are conjunct the Ascendant.

Planets in the 1st House include the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. These planets have significant influence over your personality, physical appearance and general demeanor. Additionally, having 3 planets in the 1st House gives the personality, personal presence and matters relating to the physical appearance considerable energy and importance in the life. This force of personality can be used to advantage by demonstrating the best qualities of these positions as described below.

The chief ruler of your Personality is Mars in the 1st House and ruling the sign on the Ascendant.

Mars gives the personality energy and quickness with a nature both amative and combative but can be harsh.

Your Dominant Planet is the Sun.

With the Sun as your dominant planet, you rarely work for others to advantage, unless you are given full charge of your department. You are in your natural sphere of endeavor when you have received a position of importance. You are always at your best when at the head of something. Your best quality is RULERSHIP. Your worst quality is DICTATIVENESS. It is often important for you to realize that undue assumption of superiority really weakens your authority and that consideration of the opinions of others and sympathy with their views will tend toward getting better service. The thoughts ruled by this Sun are called the POWER thoughts.

Your Dominant Sun resides in the zodiacal sign Sagittarius, which is described above.

Mercury: Habitual Modes of Speech and Communication

The zodiacal sign in which Mercury resides indicates the habitual mode of speech and communication via letters, email, and social media.

Your Mercury resides in the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. With the Intellectual thought cells, governing cerebral processes, perception, comparison and communication, expressing from the “I See” attitude of Sagittarius, strive to have your speech, and your expression in general, be generous and loyal rather than impulsive and blunt. The best quality of Sagittarius is loyalty, and its worst quality is mischievousness.

Mercury is powerful in your chart but slightly discordant indicating that thoughts and events relating to conscious mental activity, manner of speech, writing, general social communication and mobility are important factors in the life. Reinforce constructive thinking and strive to express the best qualities of Sagittarius.

 4. Key Decanates – Overarching Character and Destiny

Each sign of the zodiac is divided into three sections called Decanates. Each decanate is pictured in the sky by one of the original 36 ultra-zodiacal constellations. The pictograph associated by the ancients with each of these constellations illustrates a spiritual parable or allegory that has special significance to those born with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in that decanate.

Your Sun is in the 3rd decanate of Sagittarius, the Sagittarius-Leo decanate under the sub-rulership of the Sun. The third decanate of Sagittarius, the Leo-decanate, is pictured among the constellations by SAGITTA, the Arrow. This is the arrow that Mithra shot against a rock and a stream of water immediately gushed forth. It symbolized the soul piercing the illusions of matter and through this comprehension of the meaning of incarnate existence being able to quench its thirst at the fountain of Divine Consciousness.

Those born under this decanate may either tread the path of pleasure, or climb the royal road to spiritual supremacy. Being the kingly section of the sign of the higher mind, when the sporting proclivities relating to Leo’s influence are transmuted, they have not only the ability to perceive things in their proper relation, but also to synthesize their observations and impart this knowledge to others. They, therefore, reach their greatest usefulness as teachers and leaders of philosophical and religious thought. When faithful to their ideals and persistent in adhering to their own conceptions they reach the highest states of consciousness possible to embodied humans. It is the decanate of ILLUMINATION.

Your Moon is in the 2nd decanate of Capricorn, the Capricorn-Taurus decanate under the sub-rulership of Venus. DELPHINUS, the Dolphin, pictures among the constellations the second decanate of Capricorn. This is the Taurus-decanate of Saturn’s sign, the strong emotional element conferred by the sub-influence of the Moon’s exaltation, Taurus, being indicated by the water in which the mammal lives.

While the Sun passes through this decanate we have Epiphany, and the common civil year begins, bringing a new dispensation. And about the dolphin that represents this section of the zodiac, there are so many traditions implying it to be a Savior of Men. So, we find that those born here possess extraordinary ability to make the most of whatever environment they find themselves in, even as the dolphin has adapted itself to water. They utilize every condition to their purpose, and while encountering many setbacks they have the persistence to again come to the surface and “carry on”. They are indefatigable workers and when they set their minds upon some worthy aim they scale the heights to success. If they get a higher than material viewpoint they are capable of great self-sacrifice in the interest of universal progression. It is the decanate of MARTYRDOM.

Your Ascendant is in the 3rd decanate of Scorpio, the Scorpio-Cancer decanate under the sub-rulership of the Moon. Unlike the crown of spikes that pictures the last decanate of Virgo, CORONA AUSTRALIS, the Southern Crown, is the laurel crown of victory. Picturing among the constellations the Cancer-decanate of Scorpio, it reveals the potency of sex when sublimated to carry the soul to the loftiest summit of physical and mental achievement.

Adjacent to the religious sign Sagittarius, and under the sub-influence of the sign of domestic life, Cancer, those born here have intense emotions and vivid ideas. When the spirit of chivalry is developed and they sense their value to country and home they are capable of lofty effort. But for the greatest success it seems essential that they have some person of the opposite sex to stimulate their ambitions and ideals, and with whom they strive to make a success of life. Social life, therefore, is always an important factor contributing to or detracting from their usefulness to society. It is the decanate of ATTAINMENT.