Cyrus Augustus Bartol

Cyrus A. Bartol, the Unitarian minister who married Sarah Stanley and Archibald Grimke in 1879, had been Sarah’s philosophy professor at Boston University.  Family correspondence shows that Bartol was delighted by the marriage, which Sarah’s father attributed to her being led astray by “insane theorizers” of Boston. 

Bartol was best known as a transcendentalist, and his influence on Sarah Stanley Grimke was based on his philosophical and theological writings, The Rising Faith (1874) being current at the time of their first acquaintance.  But he had become known many years before as author of travel literature. His Pictures of Europe, Framed in Ideas (1856) is the most notable of his early works.

As pastor of West Church in Boston from 1837, and sole pastor from 1861 through retirement in 1889, he was the most visible exponent of Transcendentalism in that city in a career spanning five decades.

This portrait was found on the informative bostonunitarian blog.