Josephine Cables Aldrich

Rochester, New York was an early center of activity for the HBofL, site of one of the first two original lodges in the US.  The leader of the group was Mrs. Josephine Cables, a writer and editor prominent in the Theosophical movement.  A brief biography of her in the 1893 book Woman of the Century was written after her second marriage to William F. Aldrich, a northern industrialist who moved to Alabama in 1874 and attempted to operate a coal mine on progressive principles.  After this biographical entry was published Aldrich served three terms in Congress.

Mrs. Aldrich’s Theosophical and Hermetic interests were reflected in the name and design of the grand estate they built in Alabama, Rajah Lodge.  Their resting place in Washington, D.C. is a mausoleum in Rock Creek Cemetery, as opulent as their Alabama home.


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